Posts in Central Asia
Baku to Gori, 2017

After crossing the Caspian I explored some of the rather barren landscapes around Baku and ventured into the Caucasus Mountains in the northwest before taking the train to Tbilisi in Georgia and heading straight to Gori, where live the Makashvilis, close friends from previous trips to this wonderful country…

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Tajikistan 2017

I hadn't planned on visiting Tajikistan this trip, but it was so good in 2008 that I couldn't resist checking it out again in 2017. I spent time in the western part of the country that I hadn't seen before, working my way down to Dushanbe, the country's bizarre capital, for a big dance party before getting back on track and heading to Kazakhstan, where I was supposed to be.

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Kyrgyzstan 2017

The beginning of a trip in the fall of 2017 to revisit parts of Central Asia, and connect some up some missing travel pieces from years previous. My first time back to Kyrgyzstan in nine years found a country both spectacularly transformed, yet wonderfully familiar.

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